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Posted By fastQuotes on 05/18/2018

Carpet maintenance for offices - How will you go about it?

The routine ritual of carpet maintenance for offices is crucial and vital due to the fact that out of 24 hours, you spend at least 10 hours to 12 hours at your workplace. So, it is even more important that the furnishing of your workplace ought to be spick and span and devoid of any elements that can cause irritation to you. Oftentimes, you must have come across employees that complain about the strong air conditioner, the drinking water available, and the overall décor of the office premises and attribute these as the reason for low productivity.

We often blame inadequate ventilation, unattended rubbish under tables, and absence of housekeeping staff on certain days as the cause of few health hazards. But we tend to overlook the fact that carpets can be equally responsible for causing allergic reactions and your deteriorating health conditions. This is because dust particles get trapped in dirt filled carpets and these in turn take the form of allergens and cause discomfort.

So, it is of utmost importance that once in a while carpet maintenance for offices is must and something that you cannot do without. In this article, we will focus on carpet maintenance for offices in brief and find out the different ways to tackle the issue.

Professional carpet cleaning

It is desirable that you get the carpet cleaning done with professional help. The service providers are well equipped with equipments and devices that can perform thorough cleaning of these carpets. Since offices are areas where people are present for most of the time, it is even more important to carry out the carpet maintenance process on a regular basis.

Ideally a gap of 6 months is desirable before you carry out the next cleaning process for carpets. Effective carpet maintenance for offices also ensures that air quality of the office is good and that the air is not infested with bacteria and viruses that can adversely affect health problems for employees, thereby affecting productivity in a negative manner.

One of the most common methods of carpet cleaning in offices is that of water extraction of dirt. This is otherwise referred to as Steam Cleaning. First the dust particles are removed by applying vacuum. Thereafter, detergent is dissolved in hot water and the same is sprayed over the entire area of the carpet. At the same time, this dirt laden water is withdrawn from the surface of the carpet by means of suction pressure.

However, steam cleaning is ideal for carpets that are strong and can withstand the pressure of suction and hot water treatment. Carpets that are made of delicate material are not meant for such treatment.

The other method that helps in carpet maintenance for offices is known as the Foam cleaning or Dry cleaning. However, this method leaves behind residue of chemicals in the carpets.

When you hire professionals for carpet cleaning for offices, make sure they employ the right method for cleaning depending on the nature of the carpets so that it can prevent the carpets from getting damaged.