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Posted By GreenFogs on 10/24/2018

Grease trap Cleaning

Grease trap Cleaning

Good Day ,


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company to you.


To date, we have successfully provided our services to the following: Nandos Head Office ETC, SAPPI, as well managing agents i.e. JHI, Broll and Sable to name but a few.


 We specialize in:


1. The installation and remediation of grease traps as well as the legal disposal of waste from the grease traps as per the Municipal by Laws. (Via our barrel program)

2. On the legal disposal of the waste a compliance certificate is issued.

3. Preventative Drain Maintenance Program and general plumbing services. (Hydro jetting)


A. Barrel Programme:


How does this work?


1. The client purchases 60l barrels as a once off purchase (R249.00 each ex vat).

2. We train your staff to dispose of the waste from the grease trap basket into the supplied barrel.

3. Once a month “Greenfogs” will dispose of the waste collected in the drum and dispose of this legally (monthly cost R995.00 per 240l ex vat)

4. The client is then issued with a compliance certificate as stipulated in the Municipal by laws.





Grease is one of the primary causes of stoppages, backups, and overflows in a wastewater collection system. Grease buildup in the sewers causes restrictions and blockages problems.

GREEN FOG`s goal is to prevent grease from entering into the waste-water system.









I have included the municipal by laws for your perusal 


B. Municipal By-Laws


Industrial grease traps 


(1) Industrial effluent which contains or, in the opinion of the Council, is likely to contain, grease, oil, fat or inorganic solid matter in suspension, must, before it is allowed to enter any sewer, be passed through one or more tanks or chambers of approved type, size and capacity designed to intercept and retain such grease, oil, fat or solid matter.



Oil, grease or any other substance which is contained in any industrial effluent or other liquid which gives off a flammable or noxious vapor at a temperature of or exceeding 20 degrees Celsius, must be intercepted and retained in a tank or chamber so as to prevent the entry there of into the sewer.



The tank or chamber must be regularly cleaned of such grease, oil, fat or solid matter and the person discharging effluent to the tank or chamber must maintain a register in which shall be recorded-


(a) The dates on which the tank or chamber was cleaned; 


(b) The name, address, and telephone number of the company employed to clean the tank or chamber; and 


(c) A certificate from the person who undertook the cleaning, certifying the cleaning of the tank or chamber, and stating the manner in which the contents of the tank or chamber were disposed of. 

“Hazardous waste” is waste containing, or contaminated by, poison, any corrosive agent, and any flammable substance having an open flash-point of less than 90 deg C, an explosive, radioactive material, any chemical or any other waste that has the potential even in low concentrations to have a significant adverse effect on public 

health or the environment because of its inherent toxicological, chemical and physical



Please feel free to visit our website:


I look forward to meeting with you to discuss any requirements you may have regarding the above  


Kind Regards


Fabien Le Roy

072 445 4560



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