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Posted By fastQuotes on 05/18/2018

How to choose a good creche for your little one

Creches are ideal for working moms and for mommies that want to keep their children under careful guidance when they are out for some urgent work. You will also come across many parents that prefer to keep their little ones in the crèche not just because they are working but also due to the fact they want their children to intermingle with other kids for all sided development of human personality of their kids.

How to choose a good creche for your child?

You are entrusting the responsibility of your child to someone else. So, the person must be trustworthy and the day care centre should be registered with organizations like The National Children’s Nurseries Association or The National Day Nurseries Association.

There are certain aspects that you have to take into account when you sign up with the crèche authorities. These important features are listed below. These are the parameters that will help you to decide as to whether or not it is a wise decision to leave your child with them. Check these out.

  • Find out the adult to child ratio for children in the crèche. For instance, ideally, for children between the age 0 and 1 should have adult/child ratio of 1:3, for ages between 1 and 2, the ratio ought to be 1:5, for age groups 2 and 3, the ratio should be 1:6, and for children belonging to the age groups 3 and 6 should have adult/child ratio of 1:8.
  • The total expenses you will have to incur. Does the fee include using crèche games, having food there, or using the premises? Do they charge anything extra initially? Will the cost be reduced on holidays? And many such questions that you have in mind.
  • What about insurance coverage? Does the insurance plan include public liability?
  • It is important that the team of trainers that will take care of your child should have some form of formal training in handling your kid. Training in Montessori teaching methods is desirable.
  • Do the authorities of the crèche have a policy for crèche management? If so, have you been made aware of the same?
  • One of the most important aspects that you need to keep in mind is whether or not there is enough hygiene in the crèche? Know more about the process in which food is prepared and what hygiene measures are taken to keep the surrounding clean. What does the menu include? Do they offer well balanced diet comprising fruits, green vegetables, pulses, cereals, and dairy products?
  • In the time of emergency, is the crèche equipped to tackle medical emergencies? Does it have the facility of doctor-on-call or do they have an in-house doctor in the crèche?

It is best to work up a list of queries before you drive down to the crèche and finalize issues. Only if you find that the answers to your queries are satisfactory, is it worth putting your little one into the crèche. You can also try in-house day centers where many children are taken care of by a single mom, where she takes care of her own child too.