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Posted By fastQuotes on 05/18/2018

How to choose a new tyre?

Your tyres are the only interface between the road and car and that’s probably why they’re the most important parts of a car. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new set of tyres for your car, then you must choose wisely. You may have the most superior engine technology or the most sophisticated transmission but if you’re tyres are worn out or are substandard, and then the whole point of buying a fancy car is lost. While choosing the tyres for your car, you need to keep consider your driving needs, the frequently of use of your car, on what kind of terrain or road you usually drive. You also need to find the right salesperson that can answer these questions and gauge your driving needs by simply asking you the right questions. What you can do, to have at least a basic idea of tyres, is de-code that complex code that is written on the tyre, something that looks like this:- P179/50R1765H M+S

Here’s what it means

‘P’ – The first letter indicated the type of tyre and P indicates passenger tyre.

‘179’ – This number indicated the width of the tyre when it is fully inflated.

‘50’ – This is a percentage indicting something called as the ‘aspect ratio’ which basically means the ratio of the section width to the height of the tyre.

‘R’ – This letter indicates the construction type. It is usually ‘R’ and means Radial construction.

‘17’ – This gives the diameter of the wheel in inches.

‘65’ – This indicates the loading rate that is the maximum load the tyre can carry.

‘H’ – H indicates the tyre’s speed rating.

And if your tyres have an M+S written on it, it means that it is suitable for all season driving.

So how do you choose the right set of tyres?

  1. Consider the tread life while choosing a tyre – Tread life is basically how long a tyre will last. When you go to purchase new set of tyres, be sure to ask your salesperson about the tread life of the wheels. A tyre’s UTQG tread life number; it will give you an accurate idea of how long it is going to last. An example: A tyre with a tread rating of 150 gives 50 percent more tread life than a tyre with a tread rating of 100.
  2. Weather requirements - If you live in a tropical area with heavy rains, then check if the tyres have a little M+S written on it, as mentioned above. You need to keep in mind the kind of climate you live in before you make a decision on tyres.
  3. Speed rating – Speed rating indicates the highest speed of your tyre under ideal conditions. If you use your car for daily use, then use a car with an H rating, because cars with a higher speed rating of say V, gives you more speed but their tread life is much lower.

Basically, these are the most important factors that you need to keep in mind before buying a new set of tyres. Go for a leading global tyre manufacturing brands as even though they are expensive they assure quality.