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How to clean your awnings? Easiest method.

How to clean your awnings? Easiest method.

Want to clean your awnings? Even if you have bought the Best Awnings Melbourne, only regular cleaning will make it last for years.

Read the following tips to clean your awning in the right way. 

Eliminate Dirt

First things first, remove all the dirt from your awning. You can use a broom to sweep the dirt, cobwebs, loose leaves, lichen, tree twigs, etc. Sweep out the underside of the awning as well. If you have installed your awning at a height that is difficult to reach, use a ladder to reach it and clean it. However, you must be cautious while using a ladder and must practice before actually cleaning the awning. After cleaning the awning and removing all the dirt, spray some fresh water on it.

Perform this practice once a month and avoid dirt building on the awning.  

Clean it with the solution

Using a cleaning agent depends on the material of the awning.

Fixed awnings are made of canvas or outdoor fabric that can easily be cleaned with lukewarm water and some mild detergent. You can also use this solution on vinyl or fabric.

For metal awnings, you can use metal cleaning solvent with some clean water. For aluminium, use a solvent made especially for it.

Using a suitable solvent will ensure that you don’t damage the material of the awning, and instead of cleaning it, you ruin it completely.

Scrub it out

Some dirt, stains, and build-ups can’t be removed with sweeping. If you haven’t cleaned your awning in a while or ever, you can see stubborn dirt on it, which might require scrubbing. Use a soft bristle brush which will help you to remove the dirt without damaging the material of the awning. Clean the awning on both ends (outside and inside).   

If you can still see some stains and build-ups on the awning, follow the below tips:

  • Remove mildew with detergent.
  • Remove paint with the help of paint remover.
  • Remove bird droppings with the help of a grease-fighting or degreaser detergent.
  • Remove oil with the help of acetone.

NOTE: Never mix your cleanser with the above-mentioned agents.

Use Hose to Rinse

Last but not least, rinse the awning thoroughly. Use a garden hose to rinse the awning as its pressure is suitable to ensure that nothing is left behind. Make sure no cleaning solution is left on the awning as it can attract more dirt. To avoid mould and mildew, dry the awning as quickly as possible. Never use a pressure washer on the awning as it can damage it and even break it with extreme pressure. That’s why we suggested using a garden hose. You can use a dryer to dry the awning after cleansing or let it be under the sun.  

That’s how you clean your awnings in the right way.

To know more about the upkeeping and cleaning tips, get in touch with your Folding Arm Awnings Melbourne retailer. They will make you familiar with the major cleaning procedures and products.

Do it right now!  

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