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Posted By fastQuotes on 05/18/2018

Installing an Electric Fence for Enhanced Security

Installing electric fence is in vogue especially in places where it is feared that animals might hurt human beings or for the matter of enhanced safety and security. However, the way you install it is very important as there should never be loose ends lest it cause electric shock to innocent people and for people for whom the electric fence is not meant for. The instances when electric fences are used include keeping livestock away from places of human dwelling. For instance if you want deer, horses, and wild animals away from your home, you can install electric fence.

In this write up, we will find out how electric fence works and how you will install the same.

  • First identify your needs. Locate and mark the area and the place where the fence has to be installed. Also determine how many wires you will actually need to make a fence. Decide on your own or seek help of an expert if you are not being able to decide about the number of braces you will need at both ends.
  • If you want to save electricity, opt for solar chargers. In this way you will be able to get the much required energy needed for activating the fence and at the same time you will also save on power. If you are using electricity, make sure there is an AC outlet too.
  • For holding together the wires and fence, it is important to choose posts. Now these posts can either be of wood or of metal. It is preferable to use metal posts. This is because wood will degenerate over time. More over due to water, dust, and grime, wood may get swollen and lose strength to hold the electric fence. As such keeping the long term requirement in mind, opting for metal posts is perhaps a wise and smart move.
  • When you install the charger and if it is solar in nature, install in such a place where it will receive optimum sunlight. This will enable the charger to gather and collect energy throughout the day, thereby allowing it to work in an effective manner.

How will an electric fence work?

The energizer that is attached with electric fence is responsible for converting the battery power into pulse that is of high energy. The pulse is released on to the fence that is insulated every second. The pulse, which is oftentimes known by the name “shock”, is sensed by animals when they come into contact with the electric fence. The shock is felt due to the fact that when the animals touch the fence, the touch closes the entire circuit, thereby causing the spark.

Benefits of using electric fence

There are several benefits of installing electric fence. Some of these benefits are mentioned below.

  • Construction is easy - The electric fence can be easily constructed
  • Cost effective - You have to shell out less as compared to installing the fences that are of conventional nature.
  • Flexible
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Does not prove to be fatal to livestock or animals
  • Durable

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