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Posted By fastQuotes on 05/18/2018

Pest Control for Homeowners - Know Facts

Pest control is the process by which the pests are managed or regulated so that they do not inflict harm to human beings, animals, or to crops. So, pests are unwanted living organisms that may threaten existence of human beings, animals, as well as crops if they are left untreated. The most identifiable pest types include the prions, bacteria, viruses, insects, rodents, mice, and fungi. From time to time, it is important to keep tab on the activities of these living organisms so that before they can cause any extensive damage, their unwanted activities can be restricted.

Prior to delving deeper into the different ways that can be adopted for pest control for homeowners, let us quickly take a look at the benefits of the pest control in brief. The advantages of pest control include maintaining a clean, hygienic, and sanitized environment in and outside the house. Chances of your children and people residing in your house getting sick are greatly minimized.

Pest control for homeowners - What are your options

You can make use of both chemical as well as non chemical methods to get rid of pests in your house. Given below are few ways in which you can address the problems of pests in your home. These are as follows:

  • For getting rid of cockroaches, you can use borax powder in your bathroom and kitchen or in corners where you think cockroaches may hide. However, you should take care that the powder is not sprinkled where children frequently visit.
  • To keep mosquitoes at bay, change water in any container frequently
  • Pests are also found in carpets. Vacuum clean them thoroughly and empty the dust bag far from your dwelling place

It may be mentioned here that as chemicals have harmful effects on children and the environment, the non chemicals are increasingly being preferred. You can use pesticides but if you use them over and over again, it is quite likely that the pests may develop immunity to the same. And the pesticides will not work anymore. As far as the non chemicals methods are concerned, you can do the following -

In order to make non chemicals method of pest control effective you have to know the pest behavior, biology, and ecology. You can:

  • Make use of the exclusion method - This method will prevent the entry of pests and organisms in your home. Block openings in windows, buildings, and doorways. Also keep food covered.
  • Maintain hygiene - It is important that you follow all rules of sanitation so that the surrounding is clean, spick and span. Most importantly, make sure that you get rid of garbage as soon as it accumulates a bit.

Although pest control techniques may not be able to control pests entirely, especially in a house that has been already been severely infested with pests, nevertheless, it can be reduced to a great extent. And over a period of time, if regular treatment of pests is carried, it is sure to reduce the incidence of pest infestation.