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Posted By The Calm Leaf on 05/28/2022 in Category 1

Your 2022 Do’s and Don’ts of Federally Compliant Delta 9 THC Guide

Your 2022 Do’s and Don’ts of Federally Compliant Delta 9 THC Guide

Thanks to federally compliant delta 9 THC, we can finally enjoy the high most commonly associated with cannabis, all while doing so without breaking the law.  Delta 9 THC can offer a powerfully euphoric yet mellowing high that eases both the body and mind, but that’s only if you choose the right delta 9 products, and also follow the basic rules of taking the cannabinoid.  That being said, it’s important to know the basic rules of hemp-derived delta 9 THC.

Do’s You Need to Know

#1: Do Take Delta 9 According to Your Tolerance 

Delta 9 THC is somewhat potent as an intoxicant, and if you have low tolerance, you can get really, really high.  If you’ve never before used any psychoactive cannabinoid, consider taking half the recommended dose on the package of the product.  If you’ve taken delta 8 or delta 10 in the past, and have tolerated either, well, then follow the directions on the label to take the appropriate amount of delta 9.

#2: Do Pay Attention to Lab Reports and Reviews

Before buying a delta 9 product, there are two things to look for.  One is third-party lab reports, provided on the brand’s website.  These lab reports show that the company has its delta 9 tested for federal compliance, purity and potency.  Also, look for positive reviews that show that other customers are very satisfied with their products.

#3: Do Look at the Other Ingredients in a Delta 9 Product

Always pay attention to the other ingredients in a delta 9 THC product, since you want to avoid products that are toxic or products you’re allergic to.  Also, if you’re a vegan, you’ll want to make sure that delta 9 edibles do not contain gelatin, a common ingredient found in gummies.  With delta 9 products, the cleaner the ingredients, the better.

#4: Do Be Patient with Delta 9 Edibles

Delta 9 edibles can take up to a couple of hours before the effects start to ‘kick in’ – even longer if you take them on a full stomach.  Be patient, because it’s a common mistake to take another gummy 30 minutes after waiting around, only to get way too high later on.  

#5: Do Consider Using Delta 9 Daily

Delta 9 THC can be the perfect daily cannabinoid to really take your routine to a whole new level. It can be euphoria-inducing and soothing at the same time, and besides that, the medical marijuana industry exists for a reason, after all.  So, consider making delta 9 a cannabinoid you take routinely, because it may do wonders for how you feel in the long term.

#6: Do Keep Your Delta 9 Fresh  

Delta 9 THC does degrade if it’s not stored properly, and when this happens, it will eventually lose its potency completely.  You need to keep your delta 9 products stored right to make sure that they continue to give you the results you want.  Find a dark, dry and cool place like a closet, cabinet or drawer, and keep the product in an airtight container or pouch.

Don’ts You Need to Know

#1: Don’t Settle for Cheap Delta 9

It’s a mistake to buy the cheapest delta 9 that you can find since cheap delta 9 THC is usually made using subpar methods.  It may contain poor ingredients, or come from hemp material that’s loaded with pesticides since organic hemp costs more for the manufacturer.  Either way, stick to delta 9 made by trusted companies that are known for their high quality standards.

#2: Don’t Use Delta 9 if You Get Drug-Tested

Delta 9 products will cause you to fail a drug test since a drug test doesn’t care whether you got your delta 9 from hemp or marijuana.  If you have a drug test coming up, then you’ll want to make sure that you completely avoid the cannabinoid until after the test is over.

#3: Don’t Drive During the High

Because delta 9 is intoxicating, you should never drive after taking it.  It can cause impairment which can make driving very dangerous, and besides that, you can get arrested if you’re caught.

#4: Don’t Let Pets or Kids Get into Your Stash

Delta 9 is dangerous for both pets and children because their bodies are not made to handle intoxicating cannabinoids.  Keep your delta 9 supply far out of reach, and if somehow your child or pet does get into your delta 9 THC, consider seeking medical attention as soon as possible since the side effects can be very severe.

Remember These Delta 9 THC Rules to Get the Best THC Experience Possible!

Legal delta 9 THC has arrived, and with that comes a whole new set of do’s and don’ts to follow to guarantee the best experience with the cannabinoid possible.  The good news is these rules are simple, and, will ensure that you feel like a delta 9 expert after the very first try.

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