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Hiring of Marquees South Africa

If you hire a marquee you know that you are going to have aspectacular centrepiece to any party or event. Often venue hire is thebiggest decision you need to take when planning a major occasion. Once a venueis in place, everything else will fit into place.

You can have issues with booking the right date or ensuring itis decorated exactly how you imagined, even arranging a viewing prior to payinga deposit can be a problem.

Hiring of marquees South Africa – blissful event planning

We aim to take all of thatstress away. Affinity Events marquees are a guaranteedway of instantly infusing your wedding, party or hospitality meeting with atangible touch of class. Hiring amarquee with us is the biggest step you can take to ensuring your event is amajor success.

All you need is an idea and a location and we can do therest. Once you get in touch with us about marquee hire, we can guide youthrough every step of the process.

 Pricing – Wehave a full selection of marquees and tents for you to choose from. Whateveryour budget, Affinity Events will be able to find you a marquee to hire. We canwork with your budget and come up with either an overall price or a cost perperson price if that is easier for you to plan.

 Expertly putting yourevent together – The choice of marquee sets the tone for your wholeevent. You will already have some ideas in mind of what you want to see on thebig day and we see it as our job to ensure this becomes a reality. We areexperts in marquee hire and have been providing perfect venues since 2000,using our knowledge to ensure your marquee exudes the emotions and feelings youhad in your mind from the start.

 Additional servicesHiringof marquees South Africa is the most important step inputting on the perfect party, but it is not the end of the process. Not onlydoes Affinity Events have a great range of marquees and tents to choose from,we also provide the finishing touches. Within the duration of one meeting, wecan pick out the perfect venue, provide personal and bespoke decor options andensure catering equipment will be onsite.


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