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Posted By Elite Sanitation Solutions (JHB) on 06/02/2018

VIP Portable Restrooms

Single Seater VIP Portable Toilet

The VIP Portable Toilet Unit is a polyurethane molded structure with a chemically flushable toilet unit and hand wash basin with fresh water which are both operated by a foot pump mechanism. Some models are also fitted with urinals.They are the answer to any large public event.

4 Sided Portable Urinal

A popular solution for large crowded events, these units are small enough to suit restricted space by allowing 4 gents to use it at the same time. They are specifically designed to create privacy.Single or double hand wash basins are placed in the Urinal area and has fresh water, hand soap and paper towels along with waste bins.Fencing with Shade cloths or Privacy Screens can be added to secure a Gents Restroom Area. The VIP Portables are also placed in this area to complete this set up. The Urinals are available in various colors to suit any branding required.

Portable Paraplegic Toilet

The Portable Paraplegic is a single toilet structure which contains a chemical non-flushable toilet, hand rails but no basin. The access and interior is sufficient for any wheelchair to move around in.A portable hand wash basin can be added.

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