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Posted By Africa Demolition Contractor on 05/30/2020

Africa Demolition contractor

Africa Demolition Contractor (Pt y) Ltd ,

May 28, 2020


Africa Demolition Contractor (Pt y) Ltd, Salvage & Deconstruction Contractor South Africa

If you have anything new or second-hand material, you can contact our offices.

or send us an email ( ).

To request that one of our salvage agents (FREE OF CHARGE) can view the items you want to sell. Our salvage agent will contact you at their earliest convenience to arrange a meeting on-site / at home, mines, industrial buildings, steel structures, and they are required to identify all material with salvage potential. They will make a list of all salvageable materials and our office assistant will then provide you with a purchase offer via email or it could be hand-delivered if the client does not have an active email address. We pay cash for all salvageable material.

A quality-conscious salvage & deconstruction contractor known for finishing the job to perfection. We cater for private, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, construction, mining & quarrying industries, etc.

But no job is either too small or big for us.

(Cash Now – Not 7 Day, Not 30 Day We Pay Now)

If our proposal does not fit your needs, there is no obligation to accept the purchase offer. However, should you accept the purchase offer; the salvage agent will contact you to make arrangements for the collection of the salvageable materials. We provide collection services for qualifying items sufficient values, quantity, and condition.

Reusing material will prevent the waste of potentially useful materials and will reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, energy usage, and lower greenhouse gas in processing new materials.

We will go anywhere in South Africa and give you a free no-obligation quotation

We Have Extensive Experience In Sectional Demolition of small, Large Industrial And Mining.

We Offer A Range Of Unique Demolition Solutions For Large Urban Buildings

Our Innovative Methods Enable Us To Take On Complex Demolition Projects.

Demolition Specialists Asbestos, steel, concrete, glass, trees, rock, earth, blasting, crushing, screening, mining earthmoving equipment hire & plant hire.

Safe disposal of all kinds of waste

Biosolids, waste, and waste management

Major types

Agricultural wastewater Biodegradable waste Biomedical waste Brown waste Chemical waste Construction waste Demolition waste Electronic waste by country Food waste Green waste Hazardous waste Heat waste Industrial waste Litter Marine debris Mining waste Municipal solid waste Open defecation Packaging waste Post-consumer waste Radioactive waste Scrap metal Sewage Sharps waste Toxic waste Wastewater

Our belief in BEE awareness, training, and development is our driving force to empower the nation. We strive to support both the public and private sectors in speeding up their economic growth process.

We are a PROUD Black-owned EME company with a level 1, which amounts to a 135% BBBEEE Procurement Recognition.

Services Provided

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Services Provided

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